Underfloor heating matt’s

Our Thermonet underfloor heating matt's incorporate a single connection point for ease of design and installation. Incorporates 100% earth sheath for enhanced protection and safety. Very robust wire stitched to a fibre glass mesh for guaranteed output and ease of installation. Supplied with a 3lm connection lead. 150w and 200w matt's are designed for use as a primary heat source in a well insulated environment and 100w for secondary. The mesh can be easily cut and returned in parallel runs and the cable can be released from the mesh for ultimate flexibility.  Matts available from 0.7M2-16M2 click subcategory below to select your required size and power. Thermonet® Electric Underfloor Heating eliminates the need for wall mounted radiators and gives you full freedom to design your room exactly the way you want to. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT @20%. FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £200.00.  

Underfloor heating matt's

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